Are all Berkey filters the same?

All models produce the same quality of Berkey water (purified). The difference between the models is the amount of water that they are able to produce per hour and the size of the storage container. The most popular model, the Big Berkey, is great for the average household size.

Are Berkey filters interchangeable?

Yes, the big berkey filter systems are interchangeable with other filtration systems, and other systems can also be used including propur filters.

Are all black Berkey filters the same size?

The Berkey®️ product line ranges in size from the Go Berkey®️ all the way to the Crown Berkey®️. The only difference in these different systems is their size. All of them use the same Black Berkey®️ Purification Elements technology and all of them filter water the exact same way.

Why are Berkey water filters banned in California and Iowa?

Berkey is prohibited from selling in Iowa

If they cannot support their own claims of removing over 95% of heavy metals and 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria, how many harmful chemical compounds and microbes are you actually consuming in Berkey filtered water?

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Are Alexapure and Berkey filters interchangeable?

Alexapure works in a similar way to the Berkey Water Systems, although they only have one filter that lasts for 1,000 gallons–less than the pair of Black Berkey Filters. It is also has a stainless steel design, and is tested to NSF/ANSI Standards.

Is Propur better than Berkey?

The Bottom Line. Berkey Filters beats out Propur in overall cost, filtration, filter lifespan and even warranty. Berkey systems filter water faster and last longer. Berkey Systems include more filter elements, and are significantly less expensive over time.

What are the white Berkey filters for?

Ceramic whiter filters or better known as Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters, can remove pathogenic bacteria (a disease-causing organism in water) and cyst (a sac-like pocket of tissue from an animal or plant). They can also remove organic chemicals from sewage effluents.

Are Berkey and berkefeld the same?

British Berkefeld and Berkey are two competing gravity fed water filtration systems. … Berkefeld uses white filters, also referred to as a Ceramic or Super Sterasyl filters. The Berkey systems sold here, utilize a Black Carbon filter.

How long do Berkey chlorine filters last?

A set of two elements will last approximately 6000 gallons of water before needing replacement. If you have a two filter Big Berkey and you used 5 gallons of water per day, then you have 1200 days the filters will last. That’s over 3 years.

What is the biggest size Berkey?

Berkey’s largest purifier model, the Crown Berkey® holds six gallons of purified water. This filter is ideal for large families, churches, orphanages, and hospitals.

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Which Berkey is the best?

The Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter is our top pick in both the Best Gravity Fed and Countertop water filter categories. The Big Berkey comes standard with a set of 2 Black Berkey purification filter elements which can purify up to 3.5 gallons of water per hour.

Is Travel Berkey big enough?

The bigger the holding capacity of the Berkey water filter system, the more reserve use you will have for peak consumption needs. … Your Travel Berkey only holds 1.5 gallons. You want to make sure the holding capacity of the filter system you choose is big enough for your peak water consumption needs.

Can Berkey water make you sick?

Top critical review. I ended up getting really sick because of Coliform bacteria which grew in the filters. This is after replacing the filters within the first six months. So although the filters last for many gallons, over time, even with monthly cleaning of the unit, carbon filters like to grow bacteria.

What does Berkey filter not remove?

The technology utilized in the Black Berkey purification elements is designed not to remove ionic minerals from the water. The elements are, however, designed to remove sedimentary minerals.

Can a Berkey filter salt water?

Can I filter sea (salt) water through my Berkey system? No. The concentration of salt in sea water will over saturate the elements fairly quickly and cause clogging issues.