Are FRAM air filters any good?

The FRAM filter improves airflow and prevents dirt and dust from entering the engine. The product comes with directions and illustrations that provide clear installation instructions. This filter is excellent quality, easy to install, and it doesn’t require any special tools or mechanical skills.

Are FRAM air filters junk?

Many of us in the auto and truck service industry know that Fram filters are pure junk. Unfortunately, they have done a good job of marketing their junk over the years and as a result, many unwitting weekend oil change consumers think Fram is the gold standard in filters.

Which is better FRAM or STP?

FRAM oil filters have the very thin filtration media. It’s like a papertowel layer. The filter will work but won’l last for a longer period if you drive rough and off- road very often. And comparing to the FRAM, the STP is quite better.

Are FRAM air filters made in USA?

FRAM opens the first plant devoted exclusively to the development and manufacture of heavy duty air filters and cartridges, in Nevada, Missouri.

Are FRAM oils good?

The Fram is rated for 20 microns with 99% efficiency and will run as long as 15k. Since I usually run my oil 10-12k this filter is perfect for that. Used oil analysis shows the oil is clean and performing well for the mileage so I have no doubts this filter is doing a great job.

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Who makes Pronto oil filters?

Pronto Oil is manufactured for The National Pronto Association by Warren Distribution, the premier supplier of private label lubricants and related automotive chemicals in the United States.

How long does a Fram air filter last?

Air filters can be changed every 4 years/40,000 miles or you can check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s replacement recommendation.

Are expensive air filters worth it?

More expensive filters like Pleated Residential filters filter out dust mites, pollen, mold and pet dander and even bacteria and so are worth the money especially for those with severe allergies. HEPA filters filter bacteria and viruses and are worth the extra money for those with respiratory conditions like emphysema.

What MERV rating can my HVAC handle?

The EPA recommends MERV ratings of 9-12 because it is the most effective at keeping your home’s air clean. A filter with this rating will prevent particulates as small as 1 micron from entering your HVAC system. This rating qualifies as HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) level.

What is an STP air filter?


STP air filters are built to the highest standards to deliver optimal dirt-holding capacity, filtering efficiency and maximum protection for your engine from harmful airborne contaminants. Changing your dirty air filter can improve fuel efficiency and performance.

Who owns FRAM filtration?

Trico Group has acquired Fram Group. The deal includes Fram filters and Autolite spark plugs brands. Fram was previously owned by Rank Group, which acquired Fram as part of a deal to buy the automotive consumer business of Honeywell International for US$950 million in 2011.

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Are FRAM filters made in China?

I have been a supporter of Fram, mostly because the latest ones I bought say “Made in USA” on them, but my older ones do indeed say “Made in China”.

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Filter Actual Miles Used Total Days Used
Chinese no. 1 (most left) 5018 83
Chinese no. 2 (center left) 4568 158
USA no. 1 (center right) 4708 152

Is FRAM still in business?

Today, we’re known as America’s number one oil filter brand, and the FRAM team continues to manufacture and market a variety of quality oil, air and fuel filters, as well as many automotive accessories such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators.