Best answer: How do you hide an internal filter in an aquarium?

Many types of aquarium pumps and filters have black housings, so a black background can help camouflage them. Additionally, any type of backing on the back of the aquarium can hide any filters or wires behind the aquarium.

Can internal filters be submerged?

Internal filters must be completely submerged in the water to work correctly. … The air bubbles create much-needed movement in the water that allows it to filter the liquid throughout the entire tank. The filter can be affixed with suction cups to the tank walls, or placed on the ground of the tank.

Where should internal aquarium filters be placed?

Internal filters must be fully submerged to work correctly. They work best near the substrate, though if the air pump is separate, it is usually situated somewhere outside the fish tank. For this reason, most sponge filters come with suction cups to help hold the unit in the desired corner of your aquarium.

Are internal aquarium filters good?

Although fine for basic use, most internal filters house a relatively small amount of media and aren’t very versatile. They tend to need more maintenance than externals and, arguably, they aren’t quite as good at providing top-notch water conditions, especially when you have a lot of fish in the aquarium.

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Should my fish tank filter be open or closed?

The filter can be used either way, depending on the needs of your tank. If closed, this filter will pull from the bottom of the tank only. If opened, the tank will filter water throughout the different depths of the tank.

How far down should the filter be in fish tank?

Filter maintenance

Keep an eye on how much water is in your aquarium—most filters need the water level to be about one inch from the lip of the filter. Make sure your bubble walls and/or air stones are not directly under the intake tube.

Why does my aquarium smell fishy?

Dead fish: The most common cause of a smelly tank is a dead fish. … Promptly locating the body and removing it should eliminate the odor. Excess food: Overfeeding is another common cause of bad odors from fish tanks. Uneaten food falls to the bottom of the tank, where it promotes an overgrowth of bacterial colonies.

Can you hide sponge filters?

I like to put my hardscape around the sponge filters. Island scapes are usually what I do. Plants are also useful to try and hide the sponge filters.

What is a Matten filter?

The Matten filter provides a whole wall of filtration. The surface area is usually 2 to 4 times as large as a standard sponge filter. … The flow created by the lift tubes on the Matten filter provide the ideal amount of flow for a freshwater shrimp tank. It creates an ideal current that flows from top to bottom.

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What is sponge filter?

Sponge filters are precisely what the name implies, a sponge through which the aquarium water is drawn. This provides mechanical filtration, and once the sponge has matured and grown bacterial colonies, it provides biological filtration as well. … This allows them to be adapted to a variety of filtration needs.

Should a fish tank filter make bubbles?

It is normal for aquarium filters to form some bubbles. However, if your filter is producing more bubbles than it usually does, then it is a cause for concern.

Are external aquarium filters better than internal?

External filters are larger and more powerful than most internal filters and can hold a lot more media, offering better cleaning and supporting more fish. … External filters are designed to hold a variety of mechanical, biological and chemical media and are versatile so can be packed with the media of your choice.

Where should filter outlets be pointed?

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of which direction your filter outlet should point however I would strongly advise that the best direction to point it in initially will be towards the surface of the water.