Do water purifiers have to be in water fallout 76?

The normal water purifier takes less power, with only 4, and produces more purified water, with 24 cans per hour with a max storage of 3. However, it must be placed in water to work.

How many water purifiers can you have in Fallout 76?

The best way to get renewable water at one’s workshop or in a camp is to build one of the three Water Purifiers in the game; a Water Purifier – Small, a Water Purifier, or a Water Purifier – Industrial.

How often do water purifiers produce water Fallout 4?

Purified water is added to the workshop inventory when the settlement update timer activates every 24 in-game hours (72 real minutes, if the player character doesn’t accelerate the passage of in-game time by sleeping).

Where can I get boiled water in Fallout 76?


  • Can be crafted at any cooking station with the correct ingredients.
  • Very commonly found all over Appalachia.
  • Commonly found in overseer’s caches.

How do I get small water purifier in Fallout 76?

The plans for building the normal water purifier can be located at Charleston Capitol Building in the overseer’s cache, just inside the doors of the Charleston Capitol DMV. The plans for building the small water purifier can be obtained from the Tyler County Dirt Track workshop capture.

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What’s better distilled or purified water?

Purified water is usually a good option since the purification process removes chemicals and impurities from the water. You should not drink distilled water since it lacks naturally-occurring minerals, including calcium and magnesium, that are beneficial for health.

Where can I get purified water in Fallout 76?


  • Purified water can be found almost anywhere in the world, particularly chem boxes.
  • It can also be easily collected from water purifiers built at a C.A.M.P. or workshop.
  • Some vendors will have purified water available for purchase.

Can you get water from a Water Purifier in Fallout 4?

In order to get deposits of purified water, you must have a surplus of water in Sanctuary (or other Settlement), best done with a water purifier connected to a generator that is placed near the water to be material-efficient, along with a few normal pumps.

Where do I put the Water Purifier in sanctuary?

If you come back to this quest later (around level 7-10) you should have enough resources to build a Water Purifier facility in the river south of the houses in Sanctuary. This will provide more water than you need for your settlers and all the excess will be stored in your Workshop as Purified Water.

How do you lock your extractors fallout 76?

To lock your Extractor is simple. Go into build mode and walk over to one of your Extractors. Here you will have the normal User Interface. If you check in the lower left corner of the interface, you will see the option to lock.

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How do you lock the Collectron in Fallout 76?

Notes. Like other resource extractors, Collectron stations can be locked by approaching them while in build mode. While other resource extractors need only one lock, fully securing a Collectron station requires two locks – as the bin and terminal are locked separately.