Frequent question: Do landlords change air filters?

When you move in, the landlord should have conveyed the apartment or home with a clean air filter, but continuing to change those filters each month is the renter’s responsibility. At move-in, your landlord is responsible for ensuring all smoke alarms are operational. … If they are not, notify your landlord right away.

Do landlords have to replace air filters?

Am I responsible for purchasing these? RE: Who is responsible for air filters in California? Yes the landlord is responsible for the upkeep of the house or rental unit unless it is specifically stated in the lease what the tenant is responsible for.

How often should landlords change air filters?

Air filters typically need to be replaced every 1-3 months. The exact frequency can vary based on several factors, such as the HVAC system in your home, the type of filters used, the requirements in your lease, or particularly dusty conditions.

Do landlords supply air filters?

1. Replacing light bulbs, batteries, and HVAC filters. … Many leases will also require tenants to replace air filters in HVAC systems on a regular basis (ideally every three months, but landlords often supply the filters).

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Should landlord Change furnace filter?

Responsibility for relacing the filter on your furnace or AC unit should be spelled out in the lease. If it is not spelled out in the lease it is recommended that the landlord replace these filters for two reasons. … The harder your furnace works the quicker you’ll have to perform costly maintenance.

Where does the air filter go in an apartment?

In most apartments, the AC unit is in a small closet, and the furnace filter should be within arms’ reach. Look for a long, narrow slot with a removable cover. The filter should be inside.

Are landlords responsible for light bulbs?

Your landlord will most often be responsible for replacing light bulbs in common areas and in hard to reach or dangerous areas.

Are landlords responsible for light fixtures?

Your landlord is usually responsible for external and major structural repairs. You are usually responsible for internal decoration and for making sure that furniture and other contents, and fixtures and fittings are not damaged because of your negligence (see under Damage or loss to contents/furniture).

What are landlords responsible for in Ontario?

The landlord must keep the building and the rental units in a good state of repair complying with all health, safety, housing and maintenance standards. Landlords are responsible for repairs even if the tenant knew about problems before agreeing to rent the home.

Are landlords responsible for light bulbs BC?

The tenant is responsible for: • Replacing light bulbs in his or her premises during the tenancy, • Replacing standard fuses in their unit (e.g. stove), unless caused by a problem with the stove or electrical system, and • Making sure all fuses are working when he or she moves out, except when there is a problem with …

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