How do I change the cartridge in my Sub Zero air purifier?

Where is the Sub-Zero air filter located?

The filter in Designer Column (IC) and Tall (IT) units is located on the upper left hand side. The filter door is usually between the first and second shelf for all full-size refrigeration units. Depending on shelf placement, the product on the shelf may be blocking the door from view.

How long does a Sub-Zero air purification cartridge last?

Once in position, close the black cover, then rotate the outside cover down until it closes against the back wall. Once the cartridge has been replaced, follow instructions on the control panel. The cartridge life cycle will reset for approximately one year.

How often should I replace Sub-Zero air filter?

Air purification filters are ready to be replaced whenever the indicator light begins to flash, or after approximately one year. A steady indicator light is normal. There is no harm to the Sub-Zero unit if the air filter is not replaced or not used.

How do I reset my Sub-Zero air filter?

Press and hold the flowing air icon in the center of the display for 5 seconds to select the air filter settings. Tap Reset Filter if a filter is available to replace the existing filter. Tap Yes to reset the filter life.

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What does Sub-Zero air filter do?

Sub-Zero refrigerators come with an air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA) that scrubs the air of ethylene and odor every 20 minutes. … The air purifier is intended to greatly reduce, not necessarily completely kill bacteria.

How do you reset the change filter light on a Sub-Zero ice maker?

To turn off the Replace Filter light:

  1. Once the filter is replaced, press the CLEAN key for 6 seconds to reset the counter and light.
  2. Repeat if the counter and light do not reset the first time.