Question: Do I need an air stone if I have a filter?

The answer is an absolute yes, it does not matter whether you have a filter in your aquarium or not, attaching an air stone makes the water circulation much better. … Adding an air stone will keep the water cleaner, provide the fishes with more oxygen, and it has a lot of health benefits for the aquatic life.

Can I use an air pump without an air stone?

Yes but you will need something to hold the airline at the bottom of the tank, unless you have rigid air tubing. Yes you can. The air stones only job is to spread the air into tiny bubbles to cut down on splashing at the surface and for aesthetic purposes.

Do I need air pump if I have top filter?

An air pump is NOT required for this purpose, as long as your tank maintains adequate water movement together with surface agitation. This is generally the case if external (e.g., box or cannister) filters are used. Second, air pumps can be used to force water through a filter (e.g., sponge or corner filter).

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Can a filter act as an air pump?

Is a filter the same as an air pump? An aquarium filter is different from an air pump although their roles sometimes overlap. A filter cleans water in the fish tank by drawing and passing it through various filter modes then putting the water back into the tank. An air pump just pumps air.

What can I use instead of air stones?

Flexible Rubber Air Curtains are an ideal alternative to Air Stones when aerating nutrient solutions or Aquariums/Fish tanks. Produced to a high specification from the specialists at Hailea, these high quality diffusers are used to increase the Oxygen content of all nutrient solutions.

Do I need an air stone for hydroponics?

Most hydroponic systems require an airstone to maintain a flow of oxygen to plants. If you don’t want to use an airstone, you can still have a hydroponic garden. While there aren’t as many options without an airstone, there’s only one common system that doesn’t use an airstone.

Do planted aquariums need air pumps?

Aquarium plants do need oxygen. Aquarium plants respire just as we do. … At night plants take oxygen in and exhale carbon dioxide into the water of your aquarium. But you don’t need to add an air pump in your aquarium because the aquarium plants require oxygen.

Do I need an air pump if I have a canister filter?

As long as you have a power filter or canister filter that agitates the water enough, you don’t need to install an air pump as well. There are some situations where they are necessary, however. … The air bubbles your air pump produces don’t do that much to oxygenate the water.

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What is the purpose of an airstone in a fish tank?

An airstone, also called an aquarium bubbler, is a piece of aquarium furniture, traditionally a piece of limewood or porous stone, whose purpose is to gradually diffuse air into the tank, eliminating the noise and large bubbles of conventional air filtration systems, and providing other benefits to the health of the …

Do HOB filters provide oxygen?

For many aquariums, a simple HOB (hang on back) filter will adequately aerate your tank.

Does a filter oxygenate a fish tank?

Filters go a long way toward increasing oxygen in the water, as they cause water movement at the surface where oxygen exchange occurs. Filters should take in water at the bottom of the tank, and release it back into the aquarium at the surface, thus distributing oxygenated water throughout.