What do I do if my Berkey filter won’t prime?

Simply remove the elements from your system, lightly scrub the exterior of the Black Berkey under running water with a green scrub pad (3M or Scotch-Brite brand, etc.) or stiff toothbrush. It’s simple to do and takes less than a minute per element. Then re-prime each element and re-install them.

Why is my Berkey filter not priming?

The problem you are experiencing is probably due to high water tension, which is preventing the air from being purged from the micro pores of the new purification elements. … Please remove and prime your purification elements, reinstall them and that should correct the problem.

Why is my Berkey Water Filter Not Working?

If you just purchased your Berkey® system and the filters are hardly filtering water, the problem is typically due to high water tension. … Your Black Berkey™ elements need to be primed and cleaned to purge this air out and allow water to flow through them.

Why is my Berkey draining so slow?

If you recently purchased your Berkey System and water is passing through the filters very slowly, or not at all, the problem is typically due to high water tension. High water tension prevents air from being purged from the micro pores of the new purification elements.

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What is the Berkey airlock clip?

Berkey Filters

Meet The Anti-Airlock Clip . If the water in your lower chamber comes out slowly or not at all, you may have an airlock. Airlocks occur when your two Berkey chambers fit together so tight it creates a vacuum. This clip breaks that seal and allows the necessary airflow for smooth water flow.

How often should you prime your Berkey filters?

If you are experiencing slow filtration after using a spray head/custom faucet to prime your Black Berkey® Purification Element and Flouride & Arsenic Filters, re-prime the filters 10 minutes each using your bathtub or an alternate faucet to ensure a better connection and stronger water pressure.

How long does a Berkey filter last?

We recommend replacing your Black Berkey Filters every two to five years as a general rule of thumb. There, of course, are exceptions to this blanket statement. Just how periodically the filter elements need to be replaced is something that varies from case to case.

What is a priming button?

Priming button used to prepare or prime the Black Berkey Purification Elements for use in the Berkey system. This foam rubber ring fits between a Black Berkey Purification Element and a pressurized faucet to “prime” the element, eliminating tiny air pockets in the Black Berkey Purification Element to maximize flow.

Does Berkey primer need black?

Whether you are using a Berkey Light, a Royal Berkey, or any of the other Berkey systems that utilize the Black Berkey purification element, priming is required due to the extremely small pores that make up the filter.

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Can Berkey filters get moldy?

Mould is never a good thing to find, especially in your Berkey water filter® System. Remove the Black Berkey ® Purification elements and scrub them with an abrasive pad or toothbrush. … There are two common causes of mold growth. The first is that water has been allowed to sit in the system for too long.

Can Berkey water make you sick?

Top critical review. I ended up getting really sick because of Coliform bacteria which grew in the filters. This is after replacing the filters within the first six months. So although the filters last for many gallons, over time, even with monthly cleaning of the unit, carbon filters like to grow bacteria.

Can you clean Berkey filters with vinegar?

NEVER soak Black Berkey elements in vinegar or use any other cleaning product. Only clean the filter surface using the cleanest available water.