Your question: What happens if I put my car air filter in backwards?

Does it matter if air filter is backwards?

Although the two sides of an air filter might look the same, they are not. … By installing your filter backwards, air will have a harder time flowing through the filter and your air handler will have to work harder to make up for the loss of airflow.

What happens if you put a car air filter in the wrong way?

Incorrect filter installation or installing the wrong filter can leave your engine open to dirt and debris. … Internal engine damage: As the piston moves down in the engine, air gets sucked in. This happens during the engine’s intake stroke.

Does it matter which side of the air filter goes up?

Make the arrows face the ceiling or wall. If your filter is on the ceiling, the arrow should face the ceiling. If your filter is on the wall, the arrow should face the wall. … If it does not have an arrow though, you’ll want the side with the wire-frame to be facing outward.

Will a cabin filter affect AC?

A cabin air filter whose pores are blocked can cause a strain on the AC system. Apart from resulting in increased energy consumption, the strain can lead to damage of the motor due to overloads. This would especially happen when you have to increase the airflow by increasing the speed of the AC system blower.

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Does the arrow point up or down on an air filter?

Air filters have arrows printed on the sides of them that show you which way they are supposed to be installed. These arrows should be pointing in the direction that air flows through your system, which is away from the supply ducts and (typically) toward the blower.

How do I know which way the air flows in my AC?

Generally the edge of the filter is marked with an arrow which points in the direction of the airflow. In other words, the air travels from the tail of the arrow toward its point. If there is no arrow, the side that is stronger or reinforced by cardboard or wire mesh is the side the arrow should be pointing to.